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in doua saptamani vad Broken Flowers
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Lost in Carnations by benjoabby (movies profile) Aug 8, 2005

there’s an established trade-off in hollywood: slow-paced movies are generally plausible while slick, fast-paced movies often have contrived dialogue and story inconsistencies. this is the first movie i’ve ever seen that plods along at a turtle’s pace but also has completely uncredible characters and story. not one bit of dialogue in this movie seems like it could come from a real person, but since there are gorgeous women who inexplicably throw themselves at bill murray, this movie is evidently not grounded in reality. the story has no point and pay-off, though i’m sure that will generate a buz at hip coffee-houses. i’m sick of the indie arthouse trick of director’s leaving things to the viewer’s imagiantion. it’s a copout for not having a good story. jarmusch needs to post his IQ on the internet instead of trying to show everybody how smart he is with each movie he makes. this film is a poor man’s hybrid of „lost in translation,” „about schmidt” and „sideways.” if you want to see murray stare off into oblivion in various settings (cars, airplanes, dark living rooms, this is the movie for you.

E UN UNGHI DE VEDERE IMPORTANT in perceperea produselor artistice, „astazi”