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O discutie despre The Adventures of Tintin s-a aprins, cu moderatie si argumente, in grupul Comics and Graphic Novels de pe Linkedin.


Mark Walters • Saw it twice (I’m a film critic) and really enjoyed it. Like watching an Indiana Jones for teens. It captures the fun and flare of the source material too. Not a perfect film, but rather fun to watch.

Christophe Pouchot • Hi there, just saw the movie 2 weeks ago and I call it: ‘Tintiana Jones’ now.
They mixed up the albums and the characters that are like the backbone of Tintin so bad (yeah Brad I think it was NOT true to the original), like Nestor (the Captain’s butler) and where are the Loiseau Brothers? etc etc, it’s the American attitude: ‘out with the past’ that is so annoying at first, the lack of respect, the self-righteousness, and the need to make everything flashy and over the top to generate more money.
But then I decided to to take the whole family (wife and 3 kids) and watch it with a fresh look, as if I’d never read the albums before (I also worked on the Animated series of the 90’s made by Studio Ellipse in Paris, France) and I have to say that I enjoyed it quite a bit and what’s more, like Marian, I think it’s great that a new generation of kids gets to discover Tintin.
My kids have regain interest for the albums after seeing the movie and when I took my boys to the comic book shop they bought 2 of the albums (in English) with their OWN MONEY!
All in all I feel it’s an entertaining movie that’s worth watching and taking the little ones to.

Brad Teare • I meant that the feel or spirit of the albums was preserved in the movie. Anyone who has adapted a graphic novel to a screenplay will tell you that it’s not as easy as you might think. There are lots of changes that have to be made to translate a comic narrative into a movie. So you do have to adapt your thinking as you watch the film. It isn’t going to be a . But there were lots of Tintinesque moments that were adapted perfectly to the screen (even though they did cherry pick a lot of events and mix them all together). It is a common necessity when adapting from longer works. A movie is really more akin to a short story than a novel and the form has to be adapted.
I think we have to have some compassion on the people who make such adaptations. If someone didn’t think they could make some money with the movie no one would have funded the project. Unfortunately such projects are terribly expensive to make (look at all the credits at the end of the film). Maybe someday we will be able to produce such amazing results on our laptops but that day is distant.

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