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Revenind la OSCAR, de remarcat prezenta si prestatia lui Edward Norton in doua filme nominalizate – THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL si BIRDMAN
De asemenea, ziceam de BOYHOOD cu amar sarcasm ca va fi uitat.
Am citit aici http://www.indiewire.com/article/i-attended-the-oscars-and-hung-out-with-the-losers-20150223?utm_campaign=i-attended-the-oscars-and-hung-out-with-the-losers-20150223&utm_medium=social&utm_source=Facebook&utm_content=i-attended-the-oscars-and-hung-out-with-the-losers-20150223 acelasi lucru, sub alta forma
Years from now, nobody will remember this year’s ceremony. They will remember „Boyhood.”
Un elogiu si o elegie in acelasi timp de la un participant la Gala Oscar.
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A year ago, Coltrane’s appearance was distinguished by a gleaming nose ring that stood out in his long features. As awards season picked up, he was advised to tuck it away. But at dinner, Coltrane’s silver piercing was back in action. He grinned, finally, and said, „No more votes to get.”
NOTA: Coltrane este „Baiatul” din BOYHOOD. El a fost sfatuit sa renunte la un piercing in „sezonul premiilor”. La dineul de dupa Gala, piercingul a reaparut. A zambit amar si a spus: „Nu mai sunt voturi de primit.”