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Marco Nizzoli

Marco Nizzoli was born in Reggio Emilia in 1968, and graduated at European Design Institute in Milan in 1989.
In 1987 he joined MBP Editions and illustrated several albums of the popular italian series „Alan Ford”.
In 1991 he received the Rino Albertarelli Prize from ANAFI (Associazione Italiana Amici del Fumetto e dell’Illustrazione ).

In 1991, after illustrating several episodes of „Angel Dark”, written by Max Bunker, with Massimo Semerano he created the baroque science-fiction series “Fondazione Babele” for the magazine “Cyborg”.

For Phoenix editions Marco Nizzoli drew the erotic book “Simbaby” and the graphic novel “Raymond Capp” on texts by Federico Amico.

From 1995 to 1996 he drew two episodes of the series ESP written by Michelangelo La Neve, shortly followed by the erotic graphic novels: „Il Vizioso Mondo di Keto”, „Il Distinto Fleev” e „La Bella Estate”, all published by Trentini editions and then published in France.

He also illustrated 5 books of the series “Napoleone” for Sergio bonelli Editore.

Since 2003 his work has been published in France, by Les Humanoides Associés editions:” Le Jour des Magiciens”, on a text by Michelangelo La Neve, and “ Les Enfants du crepuscule” on text by Massimo Semerano in 2006.

For the publisher Lo Scarabeo Nizzoli illustrated two tarot decks,”I Tarocchi dei Segreti (Secret Tarots)” (1997) and “ I Tarocchi dell’Incantatrice dei Sogni ( Dream Enchantress Tarot)” (2009).

He collaborated with Alejandro Jodorowsky, illustrating the series “Le monde d’Alef Thau” for Delcourt Editions(2009).

For Sergio Bonelli Editore he illustrated in 2010 an episode of Dylan Dog Color Fest and he is currently illustrating an episode of the monthly seeries Dylan Dog.

He is also teaching at the International school of comics in Reggio Emilia.

See http://marconizzoli.blogspot.com/ for more details

si Luca Enoch

Born in Milan on June 12, 1962, after completing his studies Luca Enoch followed his life-long passion working as a free-lance graphic designer and illustrator both in the editorial and advertising field.

In 1990 he took part in the annual contest held by the „International Congress of Comics and Fantasy” at Prato, winning the first prize with his story „Raptus”.

His professional début came in July of the following year on the Fumo di China #10, with the gloomy fantasy story „Eliah” for which he wrote a second episode, again for FdC.
His big breakthrough came in 1992 with the short story „Bersek” which came out in issue #6 of Intrepido. Just a few months later he started the series „Sprayliz” for the same magazine.
Right from its start in issue #14, it quickly became very popular with its readers, so much so that it had its own series, published by Star Comics, and winning the 1995 „Fumo di China Prize” for Best Character and Best Series.

Later, still for Intrepido, Enoch created the comic-strip „Skaters” which was to be taken up in the pages of L’isola che non c’è, and the character of „Piotr, il porno coniglio” which has a second episode as yet unpublished.
For Action he created the comic series „Ninjaboy”. For Bonelli, he wrote and illustrated some „Legs Weaver” stories.

June 1999 saw the début of his sixmonthly series with another terrible teenager as its main character – Gea, a fourteen-year-old girl, mad about rock and kendo who divides her life between school, rock sessions with her band and an ongoing battle with intruders from other time-space continuums.
Gea’s adventures came to an end in November 2007.

Enoch’s next project is called „Lilith”, from the name of the chronoagent heroine of this six-monthly series, that will be at your newsagent’s from November 21, 2008.

See http://www-en.sergiobonellieditore.it/lilith/servizi/autori.html for more details

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