1. Desenatorul sarb Darko Perović isi prezinta ultimul album:

Darko Perović
– Deep and Cold – Unfinished Stories, System Comics, Belgrade 2011. Graphic novel presentation.
’Deep and Cold’ is a very heavy, very dark horror initially done for a publisher Josep Toutain. Is fear the emotion you wished to invoke in your readers before that serial?
Transferring or invoking any emotion through the drawings or writings is a challenge always. ‘Deep and Cold’ was created during the days I lived in Spain – the days of poverty, problems war back home and struggle for survival on the foreign territory… Uncertainty, cold in stomach, disappointments and everyday tensions are my memories of the beautiful Barcelona, unfortunately. I’d say that things I’ve lived through at the time, in 1992, got transferred into those stories thoroughly consciously. Luckily, unlike my characters, I managed to reach the surface on time…‘I managed to reach the surface on time…’, an excerpt from the interview with Darko Perović, conducted by Marko Stojanović,

2. O antologie

– THE COMISC WE LOVED, Selection of 20th Century Comics and Creators from the Region of Former Yugoslavia, ŽivojinTamburić, Zdravko Zupan, Zoran Stefanović. Presentation of the anthology about comics.
In this book, these intrepid, discriminating compilers have realised an exceptional achievement by combing diligently through thousands of pages of comics and comics revievvs to distil a captivating alphabet of artists and vvriters vvho have shaped and enhanced not only the comics of their homeland but in several cases the comics of the vvorld. — PAUL GRAVETT

3. Avantul stripului in presa din Muntenegru, o conferinta de Simon Vuckovic:

– Montenegrin Newspaper Strip, documentary exhibition / lecture

At the beginning of the millennium in Montenegro the media suddenly started to multiply, among other things, the daily press. This opened up space for a newspaper comic strip. Newspaper comic strips, truth to be told, did not begin to appear with options open, but with the editorial awareness needed. It was woken up with a comic strip “Mićun” by Simon Vučković, appearing for a short time in June 2001 in Podgorica-based daily Montenegrins’ Voice, and soon in the Podgorica daily Dan, where it is still published. After this comic, there is a strip “Perica” in the Sunday children’s supplement of the Podgorica daily Victory. Towards the end of 2002. and in 2003. in Podgorica weekly Journal D a daily tier “Vagabonds” is appearing. Early in 2003. on the children’s Sunday page in the daily Dan strip “Čupko” begins. All four comics are from the same author. After a few months of being published for a short period of time, “Čupko” is replaced with “Mrva” by Mirko Zulić, appearing till January 2004 when Zulić has started to work on a two-day strip “Krle” instead of “Mićun”.
After two years, “Krle” is not the only feature; along with it there are: “A Doctor and the Patient”, “Grandpa and his Grandson”, “Drunkards at the Bar”, “A Couple in the Park” and so on. Starting in 2005 in Podgorica weekly Review D two strips are beginning – “Radivoje” by Mirko Zulić and nameless comic by Goran Šćekić. Towards the end of 2005 and until the mid-2008 the daily Victory is publishing “Let it be, Man” strip by Luka Lagator. When Darko Drljević and Luka Lagator won the international cartoon awards “Umoristi a Marostica” in Italy (2006) in the daily comic strip cathegory, Montenegrin comics scene was at its zenith. Although less dynamic nowadays, it still exists. This ten year jubilee of continuous presence should represent a resume of its existence and the time shall show the direction it is taking in the future… Simon Vučković: “A decade of the Montenegrin Comics Scene 2001/2011”, a text’s excerpt.
See http://montenegrocomics.blogspot.com/ for more details.

4. Editor, eseist, critic, organizator… un „bedefil” sarb 😀

“Carlos Trillo & Domingo Roberto Mandrafina: THE BIG HOAX / THE IGUANA – analysis of the artistic style”, lecture

Essayist, critic and editor. Born in Belgrade in 1955, where he lived until moving to Amsterdam in 1991. Writes mostly for magazines and newspapers in the countries that emerged from Yugoslavia. For many years, he was editor in magazine Vidici, and then the editor-in-chief of Novi Vidici in Belgrade. In 1988, he published a book of essays on comics Thomas Mann or Philip K. Dick, which is now available online at http://www.stripovi.com/index.asp?page=column-view&ColumnID=6. In 1990, he published a monograph on Ken Parker, a comic by Giancarlo Berardi and Ivo Milazzo. He also edited a number of books, collections and special issues, including The Poetics of Comics (Knjizevna kritika #5 1987) and organized a series of exhibitions devoted to comics. Djukanovic has a regular column (the Post Scriptum) in http://www.stripvesti.com and continuously writes for the Belgrade weekly Vreme. Hundreds of Djukanovic’s essays and criticism have been published (next to his columns in NIN, YU-strip magazine, Stripoteka and Vreme) in over forty dailies, weeklies, comic magazines and magazines for culture and literature. His essays have been translated into English, French and Dutch. He worked as an editor in several magazines in the Netherlands: Beodam, De Horizon, Now Future! and De Krant. He was one of the founders of a peace organization MiZaMir in the Netherlands in 1991. For more than a decade he worked in the Press Now, the Dutch foundation for the development of independent media in Europe, Asia and Africa, where he developed hundreds of media projects for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Armenia, Iraq, Iran and Uganda, regularly visiting most of these countries.