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ARTINFO’s Adventures at Comic Con Uncover Some Serious Art and… the Sucklord
Nestled amid booths of ironic gamer t-shirts were irreverent Romanian artists Sandu Florea, Matei Branea, Alexandru Ciubotariu, and publisher Milos Jovanovic, who self publish the only indie comic magazine in Bucharest called „Hardcomics.” Their Rodchenko-meets-Daniel Clowes-style publication is the product of what they call a Romanian „comics renaissance” that resulted from the fall of communism and the de-censoring of comic production.
Artist and publisher Matei Branea explains the difficulties of self-publishing comics in Eastern Europe: „At least once a year we succeed in publishing at least one book, which is published usually with our pocket money,” he says. „So we sell some drugs, we do some prostitution, and with the money we save after eating at McDonald’s, we can publish some Romanian comics. Then we sell it almost for nothing and the money goes for condoms.” Hardcomics’s presence at the fair was sponsored by the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York, which two years ago backed their publication of a free newspaper called „Aooleu,” which was given out free at Printed Matter, and also distributed internationally.


Cand ironia are atatea fatete implodeaza.
Si, paradoxal, improasca!

P.S. Aici standul in chestiune este denumit „Hardcomics booth”