Re: Aleksandar Uzelac despre cei din pozele de la deschidere

Acasă Discuții Evenimente INTERNATIONAL COMICS SHOWROOM CONTEST in BELGRADE 2007 Re: Aleksandar Uzelac despre cei din pozele de la deschidere


Rufus Dayglo, Artist of „Tank Girl” Comic

Rufus e aici la o masa cu Cristi si acum face niste laviuri. Este deja un fan al lui Cristi.Trebuie sa-l citez.
Rufus is at a table near us, drawing, and Cristian’s watching him in action
„Sorry to interrupt you, Rufus. I’d like to quote you on something: What do you have to say about Cristian’s work?”
„I think he needs help.”
„What do you mean? Is he sick?”
„Yes, sick, mental. His work is fantastic. Great composition, good drawing. I’M JEALOUS OF HIM. I want to take his hands.”
„Just the hands, not the arms…”
„Oh, yes!”
Nota: ii vrea doar mainile, pentru ca n-ar renunta la bratele care sunt tatuate cu benzi desenate!

Rajko Milosevic Gera (R.M.Guera), Serbian comics artist who lives in Spain, winner of Award for Special Contribution to Serbian Comics (on the left),
Dejan Nikolaj Kraljacic, International program manager of the Showroom ’09 (on the right)

„Fatal Cellulite Obsession” rock-band, Bojan Djukic, member of the Jury (on the left) and R.M.Guera (on the right). gig played after Opening Ceremony in Living Room Club, Student cultural Center Belgrade