Re: Apelul lui Kenn


For all those who might be tempted to take me literally, I’m not flexibile enough to bend over backwards.

But I still really, really, really want to see you guys here. I’ve read some comics from Romania and the former Soviet bloc countries and I was quite impressed by the styles and story lines. Especially the *berger stuff.

I think you’d be a valuable addition here, and it’ll certainly make the news if there were to be a boatload of Romanians coming to Dijon to participate.


P.S. If you want to help with this project, I’d greatly appreciate it. Help can come in many forms, but the most obvious are 1.) talking about it to others and 2.) making a flyer/advert/publicité. If you’re going to make a flyer, make it as you like, just as you would the 24 Hour comic. My only request/demand is that you not spend more than *one* hour making it. (Just as you wouldn’t spend more than one hour making each page of a 24 Hour comics.)