Re: Batman #692

Acasă Discuții Autori Sandu Florea Re: Batman #692


Can Tony Daniel put Batman’s solo series back on track?
by Joey Esposito

…As always, Daniel’s pencil work with Sandu Florea on inks is phenomenal. True to form, his Batman is at his best when he’s scowling or looking otherwise grim, but the action is always intense and exciting, and his layouts kinetic but rather simple. The collaboration with Florea really perpetuates his style; he loves shadows and contrast, as well as going very line heavy when doing closeup panels. Someday I would kill to see a black and white book put out by this art team. There are many points throughout this issue that would work great in that format, especially for the kind of tale Daniel seems intent on telling.

If you had Winickphobia and passed up Batman previously, I can assure you that things will be moving forward from now on, and it all starts in Batman #692.