Re: Call for international expo


Amicul Marko ne-a transmis urmatorul apel:

Marko Ajdaric, editor of Neorama dos Quadrinhos, the widest 9th art newsletter in the world, at is already organizing the second Coxias de Caxias that will happen in March.

Coxias de Caxias is a kind of comics showroom in Caxias do Sul, the second largest city in Rio Grande do Sul, in southern Brazil. For the next editions, we are already going to show stuff from 45 different Brazilian comics artists.

As ‘Coxias’ got excellent answers from many publishing houses and artists, Marko is already organizing the same event (specially in the EXPOSITION part) to be shown in at least 7 cities in Brazil. 4 comics festivals in 4 different countries have already been contacted, and probaby the expo will be shown very far away from the place it began.

The intent is to present different possibilities of comics as a medium. We are already receiving material that features artists from 30 different countries. That includes albums, collective magazines, comic books and books about comics. We consider this the best way to popularize our medium: putting people in direct contact with good modern comics. Unhappily, the greatest part of Brazilians know only miantsream comics.

We are pleased to say that we are going to awe everyone with marvelous stuff that comes from ‘unsuspected’ places like Slovenia, Romania, Chile and Uruguay. Consider that Miriam Katin, Rutu Modan and Shaun Tan come form ‘unsuspected’ places, too, and you yes, marvelous comics are being produced in the whole world.

We are asking for anyone to send us any kind of comics to be presented at the Coxias de Caxias. We won’t only expose hentais or similar stuff. Maybe, as in the case of Roman Tolici, a great surprise we got from Romania, your stuff will be on our worldwide expo, that already includes publications with comics signed by artists like Guy Delisle, Marcel Rujiters, Tony Millionaire, Scott Mc Cloud, Joe Sacco, David Lloyd, Miguelanxo Prado, Carlos Nine, Gradimir Smudja, Aleksandar Zograf, Ruben Sosa, David B., Carlos Trillo, Boilet, Nick Abadzis, Hermann, Max Andersson…

So, get in touch with us, let the good comics find good readers
the contacts are: MSN Skype: markoajdaric, e-mail

My best regards

Marko Ajdaric