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In acest articol YES, COMICS ARE STILL FOR KIDS, postat de Andrew Zar ieri, 3 ianuarie, pe DARK MUSINGS (#29) releva un…paradox?
Banda desenata ramane, sau este fortata (?) sa ramana o arta (fie!) pentru copii, adica fara sex – nu este chiar ce voiam sa spun, dar parca a iesit mai bine decat aveam de gand sa spun!
Pe scurt, ca sa-mi parafrazez titlul: Violenta cauzatoare de moarte este acceptata, suplinind si parjolind domeniul in descumpanirea pricinuita de pudibonderie…

Comics, as an art form, has a long history of being restricted and marginalized as “just for kids.” This is pervasive (to the point that every time I describe DarkBrain I lead with “web comics… but not for kids”) and many times over the years extensive successful efforts have been made to censor and restrict the medium itself from exploring any adult topics from sex to drugs to violence.

Modern day, mainstream comic artists are restricted from doing content that is currently easily published in other types of art from fine art, to movies, to novels, to magazines. Yet, comics are still discriminated against, very heavily. Currently, the most heavily restricted item is nudity… while excessive and super violent gore is now considered mostly acceptable…