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the Fanzinoteca d’Italia will be still part of the Festival Cesena Comics ( which will take place in Cesena (FC Italy) from the 12nd to the 19th of November.
The Festival will feature an exhibition called „Fanzine d’Europa – passione europea” (Fanzines from Europe – an European passion) showing with many the fanzines that have participated to the project. This time the spotlight will be on comics ‘zines, so if you know any publication of this kind, please tell them to contact us so they can participate to the exhibition.
Here the focus will be comics and as usual any fanzine maker in the whereabouts that wants to contribute is encouraged to get in contact.

Fanzine d’Europa will continue to with success showcase content from european nations and visitors will be allowed to read the publications.
Anyone willing to send copies of his fanzines can do it by sending them to the address listed at the end of this Newsletter and can also contact us for more details and information.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation
GianLuca Umiliacchi, chief fanzine librarian

Fanzinoteca d’Italia
Via E. Curiel, 51
c/o Circoscrizione 2
47121 Forlì FC Italy


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