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We send you information about “Football & Humour” ( a virtual gallery on the Cartoon Virtual Museum, asking the best divulgation about this subject.

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Portuguese Printing Press Museum launches Virtual Gallery

“Football & Humour”

The Portuguese Printing Press Museum launches, on the start of World Cup 2006, a virtual gallery dedicated to „Football & Humour”.

This new gallery is part of the Cartoon Virtual Museum ( and presents more than an hundred drawings about the football and everything that surround it. In this gallery can be seen the participant works of some editions of the PortoCartoon-World Festival, with special distinction to the 2004 edition under the theme “Sports and Society” with reference to the Euro 2004 in Portugal and the Olympic Games in Athens. Some cartoons result of a direct invitation launched by Portuguese Printing Press Museum to cartoonists of the five continents about the World Cup 2006 theme.

The virtual gallery is trilingual (Portuguese, English and Esperanto) and will be online in the start of the World Cup 2006 and will be available at the Cartoon Virtual Museum.

This is the second gallery inside of the Cartoon Virtual Museum and is divided in the following sections: Authors, Caricatures, Cartoons, Countries and Links.

Last February the Cartoon Virtual Museum launched the „Mahomet Gallery” destined to congregate all the information that circulated in the Internet about the polemic’s cartoons of Mahomet prophet.

With the creation of the „Football & Humour” the Portuguese Printing Press Museum intends to value the Humour drawing as universal journalistic language and to homage the cartoonists when inviting them to draw on what „probably” it is the most universal subject of the world.

The Cartoon Virtual Museum is a dynamic space that intends to value the universal language of cartoon. It is divided in several “spaces”, with a special note to the Honour Gallery, where several pillars of the history of caricature, since the XIX century, can be found. In the other sections we can get information on cartoonists, contests and festivals, museums and galleries, cartoon organisations and news. There’s also a special highlight to an item devoted to PortoCartoon-World Festival.

The PortoCartoon-World Festival is considered by FECO as one of the three most important festivals of humoristic drawing in the entire world when considering cartoonist participation and monetary prizes. This mark of honour puts Portugal in the top of the international cartoon contests. FECO is the most important international organization and represents more than 2000 artists of 30 countries.