Re: Fratii Wachowski si echipa MATRIX din nou impreuna!



THE MATRIX masterminds Larry and Andy Wachowski are set to write and direct a long-in-development, live-action version of SPEED RACER, reports the trades. The project will reunited the brothers with their MATRIX collaborators – producer Joel Silver, exec producer Grant Hill and visual effects supervisor John Gaeta.
Based on Tatsuo Yoshida’s classic 1960s anime series, the story will chronicle the adventures of the young racecar driver Speed as he strives for fame and glory in his pimped out vehicle, Mach 5.
„[The Wachowskis] are approaching these racing scenes in a way you’ve never seen before,” said Silver, who said the film will be family-friendly. „They wanted to do something that could appeal to everybody.”
Filming is set to begin in summer 2007 for a summer 2008 release.
Courtenay Valenti is shepherding the project for the studio.

The film will be a Warner Bros. Pictures presentation, in association with Village Roadshow Pictures, of a Silver Pictures production.