INCEPEM din nou, iar si iar!

About ‘Incepem’
What is “Incepem” Fanzine?
Incepem Fanzine is one of the projects started by the Incepem emailing list of young artists in Romania. The original idea was to have a publication which would come at a low cost and for which each person involved contributed with as much as they felt they could. This is how the idea of having a publication in only 10 copies came about – every contributor produced his or her own contribution in an edition of 10. It could be as many A4 pages as they wanted the only condition was to answer to the theme and to be in an edition of 10. After collecting all the contributions we would bind together all the pages and come up with a publication of 10 copies.
When did it all happen?
As the Incepem discussion list started in January 2004, the first issue of the fanzine came out in early 2004. All together there came out 4 issues:
Incepem no 1 – Chemistry Issue: March 2004
Incepem no 2 – Cheap Issue: May 2004
Incepem no 3 – Future Issue: December 2004
Incepem no 4 – Black and White Issue: April 2005
Who are the contributors?
The contributors are mostly Romanian and many of them are young artists and young designers. They are also writers, architects, street artists, comic book artists etc. Incepem was open to any contributions from people from anywhere in the world, any qualification etc. as long as it answered to the theme. Incepem Fanzine has borught together up and coming artists and art students, important Romanian graphic designers and young street artists, architects and writers.
Where can you see Incepem?
Incepem can be seen in various places in Romania: KF in Arad, Vector Gallery in Iasi, Idea Foundation in Cluj, Galeria Noua and Carturesti book shop in Bucharest or they travel from hand to hand via various ‘information trafickers’ and artsy people. The fanzines also travel to Selfpublishing fairs and exhibitions in Europe. They were also shown in the Publish and be Damned fair in London, Manchester and Prague, Kunsthalle Project Space in Vienna and Casino Luxembourg, Interrupted Histories – archives of samizdat publications, Moderna galerija, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
To see where exactely the fanzines are click here
Can you buy Incepem?
Out of a total number of 40 copies (10 for each issue) 5 of them have been sold to various private collectors. All the money was used to produce the covers of the fanzine – always with a special design, as well as production money for the launch parties of each issue. The intention of Incepem was for it not to sell in the sense that once it sold then less people could actually see it. However no institution in Romania or outside the country has yet shown any interest in buying it. Our ideal plan is for an institution to buy the series of four fanzines and use the money produce a book about them.
Any future plans for Incepem?
Incepem 5 won’t be a fanzine it will be a fair
The original intention of Incepem was to create a publication by the use of our own means without stopping the project due to a lack of money. After four issues we believe that our intention was understood and that subsequently we have managed to convey the idea that the most important thing is to actually make a magazine even if there is a huge budget for it or not. From the first issue of Incepem until now Romania has seen a big number of independent publications coming out which made us think we are now ready for a selfpublishing fair.
Selfpublishing fair
15-18 June 2006, Bucharest
The DIY fair is a fair of independent publishing: fanzines, magazines, book and music.
We are trying to promote selfpublishing in Romania and we couldn’t do it without the support of people who do selfpublishing abroad. We already have a minicollection of DIY magazines, fanzines, books and music but we would be more than happy to have your stuff in our fair:
DIY fair
(Vlad Nanca)
Calea Grivitei 39
ap8, sector 1
010723 Bucuresti
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