My name is Aleksandar Sotirovski (1971) pro illustrator, animator comic and concept artist and storyboarder with International experience, from Skopje, Macedonia.
I worked at Storyboard Studio in Skopje as a Lead Animator and Principal Concept Artist on macedonian animated feature film PIETAS (
You can also cee some of my works at:
At this moment I’m finishing 144 page Graphic Novel „Shelter” for American Market, so if you are interested, you can some of them at:
I’m also working as a storyboard and concept artist on three feature animated movies for American Clients, some samples for big French Publishers as GLENAT and DELCOURT, and working as penciler and inker on 4 issues comic for Arcana.
From September I’ll start workin new serial for IMAGE COMICS.
I would like to cooperate with you, of course if you are willing too.
I want to organize big comic festival in Bitola (actually, I’m from Bitola, and I live in Skopje last almost 13 years), so I’m working on it.
Thanks for your time, all the best,