Re: REGULAMENT Concurs European (En)



Article 1
ARTE FRANCE, a public limited company (société anonyme) with a capital of €9,147,314.64, registered with the Trade and Companies Registry of Nanterre under the business identification number (SIREN) 334 689 122, whose registered office is located at 8, rue Marceau, 92130 Issy-Les-Moulineaux, represented by its Chairman of the Executive Board (Directoire), Mr. Jérome Clement, on the one hand, and GLENAT EDITIONS, a public limited company (société anonyme), registered with the Trade and Companies Registry of Grenoble under number B.302.069.414, whose registered office is located at 6 rue du Lieutenant Chanaron, BP 177, 38008 Grenoble Cedex, represented by its Chief Executive Officer (Président Directeur Général), Mr. Jacques Glénat, on the other hand, shall organise a free large-scale competition from 30 May to 30 November 2005 inclusive to create a comic strip called the “FIRST EUROPEAN ARTE/GLENANT COMIC STRIP COMPETITION”.
It is the second edition of the competition. The first edition took place in 2003 and was won by K. Gawronkiewicz and G. Janusz for the comic book Essence.
Article 2
This competition is open to all persons of full age, who are not subject to a protection order, have never published a comic book in France, Belgium or Germany, with the exclusion of permanent or temporary members of the organising companies’ staff.
The participants must be nationals of a European country: France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Ireland, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungry, Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.
Article 3
This competition shall be promoted by the distribution/mailing of fliers at book and comic strip exhibitions, on the ARTE channel, on the two organising companies’ respective websites ( and, and by press relations through all types of media.
Article 4
The presented projects must recount the adventure of a person in one or more mythical European places (buildings, natural sites, etc.). The author(s) shall be free to choose the style, with the exception of using an educational register. The choice of era may equally be in the past, present and/or future.
In order to compete, the participants must send a project, which must be designed with a view to creating a comic book of at least 32 pages. The members of the jury reserve the right to define the number of plates (ranging from a minimum of 30 to a maximum of 46 plates) depending on the selected project.
The submitted file must contain the following:
• the first 5 to 8 plates of the book on paper (choice of homothetic format 19 x 27, black and white or colour)
• the typed summary of the full project on a maximum of 4 pages setting out the project in full, in French and English or German.
• the participant(s) must write their surname, first name, address, telephone number, e-mail address (where applicable) on the back of each plate and the typed manuscript.
The files are to be sent at the latest on 30 November 2005 at midnight (the post mark shall constitute proof) to the following address:
Concours Européen de la Bande Dessinée
Editions Glénat
31/33 rue Ernest-Renan
92130 Issy-Les-Moulineaux
Article 5
A participant may submit several projects.
Only one prize shall be awarded for the selected project even in the event where the said project was created by a scriptwriter and an artist.
Article 6
No documents sent for the competition shall be returned to the participants, except where an appropriate stamped self-addressed envelope is provided for the return of such documents.
These documents may be collected from Glénat Editions, 31/33 rue Ernest Renan, 92130 Issy-Les-Moulineaux from 2 January 2006 to 15 February 2006.
The organising companies decline all responsibility in the event of loss of or damage to the documents, which are sent to them.
Article 7
All competition participants undertake to use images free of all rights or their own original designs for their creations.