Re: Tony Daniel:


“This is a big storyline that I’m about to start pencilling next week. By the time this issue hits, people will be seeing how Grant Morisson has weaved all the little puzzle pieces together. As a penciller, I try to convey what Grant is trying to tell. So my layouts are the most important element for me. After I pencil the pages it’s out of my hands and I rely on the inking and coloring to lend itself to the overall feel of the book.
What you’ll notice most, starting partly with issue 673 is a change up in the inking. We’ve pulled in Sandu Florea to take over on inks full time starting on 674, but he inked a good portion of 673 to begin with. He brings a complex level of line work and depth that really brings out the best in my pencils. The cover for 676, Batman RIP, is his first cover over me and there you can already see what he brings to the table.
So I am excited for this upcoming storyline, especially now that I feel that I’ve got my footing finally and the rest of the creative team in place for a heck of a run. We’re aiming for no fill ins at all during RIP so wish us luck.”

C’ ya