DE CE ne plac supereroii?

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    Super Lopez?!
    😮 Credeam ca:
    😛 🙂

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    Ultima aparitie: -> our alternative dreamers.. 😛

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    alternative dreamers…
    btw, is Dream an alternative?…alternative to what? to real life?
    Freedom vs less freedom?

    (ce-am , bah, nene?!)

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    :-?? Un vis cu Super Lopez sau o realitate fara? 😛


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    Esti arestat pentru delir cu premeditare.. >:)

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    Vrei sa deschid un subiect nou?!


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    Our fascination with comic superheroes is time-tested. Why do we continue to relate to them?

    I think it is partly because we are looking for beings that are good and more powerful than we are to protect us from the big bad guys whom we can’t fight on our own. Human beings have always liked myths and pantheons of gods and tales of heros. Think of the stories of the Arabian Nights, and the tales of miracles and prophets and things.

    Each hero has his or her own appeal. Teenagers could relate to Spider Man because he was a teenager with problems just like them. Everybody who has ever been bullied by some tough guy in a dark alley wants Batman do come and beat him up and hold them and take them away from it all. Who has not wished to be Superman, a man above all other men? Or Wonder Woman, for the ladies.

    Comic book writers (good ones) work with the themes their audience wants. In World War II, there were a lot of patriotic heros. I the 70’s, Green Arrow and Green Lantern tackled the problems of drug abuse and racism. In later days, some wrirters invented a whole pseduo ‘civil rights’ theme around supposed ‘mutants’.

    But there’s more. As American civilization had fallen away from traditional religion, we are looking for powerful moral figures who are above us, who will come to rescue us when we need them. When Jimmy and Lois are saying “Where are you, Superman? We need your help!”, are they not praying in the most essential sense of the word…? Check out a book called The Gospel According to Superman (I forget the author, but you can find it on line.) And what goes for Superman goes for many other heros as well.

    Then there are the anti-heros, not bad guys but flawed good guys, for flawed people, who think that because they themselves are not perfect that there could be no perfect super heroes, either. Hulk, Wolverine, Daredevil, there are lots of them. People tend to read about heros they can identify with.

    These are just a few of the reasons. (cdf-rom)

    Many of them are just like us. Take Spider-Man for example, he is a poor geek from Queens who has girl problems. Rogue from the X-Men wants to touch someone, but she cannot, and many teens feel like that. Wolverine is the Universal Solider (search Donovan for that reference). Daredevil is blind, but he can still see and fight better than we normal humans can. The Fantastic Four, they are a blended family who fights a lot, but in the end they go to the park and have fun playing football. The Hulk is what we all have deep down inside of us, our uncontrollable dark side… These characters have each and every one of us written all over them. (Andrea)

    Most people get introduced to comics as a kid. Its very rare that adults start reading comic books, only after becoming an adult. In that young age, we let our imaginations run wild, and imagine what all we could have done if we had those powers. We would have rescued that neighbourhood girl, ( whome you had a crush on, but never got the guts to speak to ) from some goon, and earned her love. We desperately wanted to be like those heroes and have those powers.

    As Adults, most of us, still cling to that childhood fascination. With todays special effects wizardry, we are able to bring to life and show practically anything we want to, including the powerful talents those super-heroes have. Seeing them come to life, excites the child in us. (Maverick)

    Things never really change…time goes around in circles which is why things such as clothing, hair styles, diets, etc…keep popping up every few decades. Heroes have been around since David and Goliath. I think deep down we all need someone to help us look out for one another. Comics were popular in the 30’s and 40’s almost died out in the 50’s, became popular again in the 60’s & 70’s, kind of died down again in the 80’s and became popular again in the 90’s. They crashed again in the 2000’s but are slowly making a come back with series like the ULTIMATE AVENGERS. I highly recommend it. (pipejetter)

    It is our human tendency to believe that we are good people. We continue to see those heroes as ourselves.

    Comic book heroes especially attract our attention because they have many problems of their own, they make mistakes, and they have feelings like us. Because of that, they are more “human” and more realistic. It tells us that it is okay to be flawed because so are heroes.

    Also, in America’s individualistic society, we believe that we are unique and special. We consciously and/or unconsciously put ourselves in the role of the hero.

    Lastly, comic book stories have a way of drawing us in so that we care emotionally about the hero’s well-being. Whether the hero falls or triumphs, we eagerly await the outcome.

    Long live comic superheroes! (zippo)

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    Lumea de azi… vazuta prin benzi desenate
    Super-eroi, super-conspiratii si super-ipocrizie

    By: Cristi Marculescu, Entertainment Editor
    Pro sau contra? Daca materia cenusie e destula si in stare de functionare n-ai cum, indiferent de care parte a baricadei te-ai afla, sa inghiti bau-baul cu armele de distrugere in masa, n-ai cum sa ramai impasibil in fata escaladarii violentei de dupa razboi si, mai ales, nu concep ca vreun om cu mintea intreaga poate crede in “razboi in numele pacii”.

    Acestea fiind scrise, cred ca e destul de clar ca sunt de partea “franceza” a ostilitatilor. Doar ca nu-mi mai pasa. M-am saturat. America e de fapt actualul gardian, viitorul tortionar si tiran al lumii.
    Asta e. Lucrurile nu (mai) pot fi schimbate, cel mai probabil Iranul va fi devastat si invadat in numele pacii si al anti-nuclear-ismului de catre singurul stat din lume care a folosit arma atomica impotriva civililor.

    Ma ascund de stirile de la radio si tv, nu ma duc la filme americane cu trupe implicate in nu-stiu-ce razboi, nu citesc ziare. Vreau sa ma izolez de toata voma pe care unii o numesc “politica internationala”, ba chiar, paradoxal, “diplomatie”.

    Sunt si altii ca mine. Probabil mult prea putini… dar mult mai multi decat s-ar crede. Totusi, nu stiu daca au aceeasi problema ca mine: imi plac benzile desenate. Si cum comics-urile sunt cele mai multe si cele mai bune facute in America, de americani… n-am cum sa nu dau peste “politicall issues” cind vreau sa ma delectez vizual si intelectual.

    De obicei, ma sictiresc in timp record si las neterminate saga-urile cu un continut propagandistic pro-Bush, pro-razboi, anti-avort obscen de ridicat. Totusi, ieri n-am putut sa ma dezlipesc de The Ultimates.
    Poate ca irosesc un editorial pentru o recenzie de benzi desenate in alta limba decat romana, care nu se pot procura decat prin Internet, dar povestea se merita stiuta si de cei care nu-s pasionati de romane grafice cu super-eroi.

    Deci: guvernul SUA investeste miliarde intr-o companie (S.H.I.E.L.D) care sa creeze (de fapt re-creeze) super-eroi. De proiect se ocupa un savant (Bruce Banner), care, in incercarea de a creea fiinte super-naturale se injectase cu o substanta care-l tranformase in… Hulk.

    Ei bine, nu se stie cum, dar Captain America (inventie propagandistica a centrelor de inrolare din Al Doilea Razboi Mondial), care se jertfise eroic pentru salvarea Washington-ului, este recuperat… tintuit intr-un bloc de gheata.

    Echipa care se formeaza are tot ce trebuie unei brigazi anti-tero:Nick Fury, seful autoritar “afro-american”, Captain America, cumplit de invechit, Iron Man, un miliardar excentric intr-un costum de otel care-i da super-puteri, The Wasp, o femeie mutant capabila sa se transforme intr-o varianta moderna de Twinkerbell, sotul ei, savantul Hank Pym, care devine Giant Man, adica pur si simplu urias, si alt savant, Bruce Banner, adica Hulk cel mare, invincibil si imbecil.
    Doar ca echipa costa miliarde si… nu au cu cine lupta. Asa ca Banner se transforma in Hulk, devasteaza Manhattanul (tinta majoritatii atacurilor dusmanilor Americii: King Kong, Godzilla, extraterestri, etc – si ma refer strict la chestii imaginare vazute in filme, desene animate, benzi desenate) omoara 800 de oameni(!!!) si echipa se face ca-l opreste si salveaza America de teroare.

    Deci teoriile conspirationiste nu-s numai in mintea grasului de Michael Moore… daca pana si una dintre cele mai venerabile institutii ale industriei de comics-uri (Marvel) arata semne de suspiciune fata de ce se intampla de fapt si ce afla presa si cetatenii, lucrurile stau chiar mizerabil in tara celor liberi sa-si spuna parerea despre minciunile mici si nevinovate (little white lies) ale guvernului si armatei.

    Doar ca teroarea de-abia incepe si echipa de super-eroi trebuie sa invinga o mare invazie extraterestra care a cauzat nazismul, al doilea razboi mondial si care… erau, de fapt, locuitori ai Hiroshimei si Nagasaki-ului.

    Doar ca teroarea de-abia incepe si echipa de super-eroi trebuie sa invinga o mare invazie extraterestra care a cauzat nazismul, al doilea razboi mondial si care… erau, de fapt, locuitori ai Hiroshimei si Nagasaki-ului.
    E unul dintre momentele acelea in care sau dai de pereti cu comics-ul sau inchizi CD player-ul, sau injuri printre dinti si te apuci de altceva. Deci nesimtire crasa… intr-o lume in care memorialele si comemorarile Holocaustului si ale victimelor de la 9/11 se deruleaza in flux continuu americanii au tupeul sa nege genocidul pe care l-au comis in ‘45. Frumos, nu?

    Paradoxal, imi pastrez sangele rece, continui sa citesc si dau peste zeul nordic Thor… Brad Pitt cu plete de Isus si musculatura de Arnold. Care e… pacifist. Anti-razboi. Si care spune echipei de super-eroi americani veniti sa-l coopteze “Da, misiunea mea este sa salvez lumea. Dar nu impreuna cu voi, ci de creaturi ca voi”.

    Evident ca, in numele umanitatii, lupta alaturi de americani si extraterestrii sunt invinsi. Dar nu de super-eroii pozitivi cu zambete stralucitoare si fizic de star-uri porno, ci de… Hulk, retardatul imens si furios care, manipulat de Captain America, invinge intr-o lupta in care toti ceilalti la un loc nu aveau sorti de izbanda.

    Deci… cu prezentari ale ambelor puncte de vedere, se poate spune ca The Ultimates este doar o imagine corecta a extremelor spectrului politic american.

    Tipic pentru orice comics, la final umanitatea a fost salvata, DAR… Captain America se combina cu sotia savantului (care o maltrata si caruia capitanul ii aplica o corectie ca la cartea de dans si bune maniere a armatei)
    Thor se desolidarizeaza de grup, iar Hulk, adica savantul Banner, care facuse toata actiunea posibila si salvase, de fapt, lumea e inchis intr-o cusca de sticla, pentru ca efectele adverse ale serului care-l transformase in Hulk sunt ireversibile…

    V-am povestit The Ultimates ca sa nu fac un editorial scurt in care sa va spun ca justitia inseamna crime, pacea inseamna razboi, ca cei buni sunt mult mai necrutatori decit cei rai, ca transparenta si corectitudinea politica nu pot exista fara o gramada de ipocrizie si ca 1984 a fost in urma cu 22 de ani.
    Tipic pentru americani – altii platesc pentru prostia lor. Sincer sa fiu, am impresia ca desenatorii, creatorii acelei reviste nici nu le-au trecut prin cap atatea cate am citit aici, insa o idee e clara: normal ca ei dorec ca tara lor sa arate bine in orice situatie. Ei pot sa incerce, insa cine stie cum sta situatia, nu “pune botu” (scuzati de extresia “de cartier” – ca sa ma fac mai inteles) la “vrajeala” lor.
    tz tz tz
    oricum traznet scenariu … tre sa ai o minte f creata sa-ti iasa

    Votati si comentati

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    Interesant top 😛
    Am votat cu… secret 😳

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    Elektra? Super Woman? Super Lopez?:))

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    Ceea ce atinge si depaseste o anumita limita umana, si mai ales una pozitiva, “morala” este cu atat mai “parodiabila”.
    Este si cazul supereroilor.
    In doze mici, (auto)parodierea poate aduce mai multa “umanitate” – pierduta pe drumul “ameliorarii” diverselor capacitati-abilitati. Dar si indeparteaza de credinta in supraputeri, de cele mai multe ori explicate tehnic, parastiintific. Ce mai ramane sa fascineze este “blestemul”, stigmatul singularitatii, al metaformarii, al drumului fara intoarcere si alte “rele” greu de inchipuit de care ne-a ferit Domnul!
    Iar personajul negativ devine un revelator al nefericirii supereroului. Si-l iubim pentru asta. Joker, umileste-l pe Batman! Razi tu de el in locul nostru, ca o faci mai bine, iar EL ramane acolo departe, puternic si singuratic. O tinta a ipocriziei noastre.
    Nu-i lasam sa imbatraneasca si sa moara, sa scape de ridicolul vetustului, al inadecvarii…
    Superman in izmene.

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    Auto-ironia salveaz? maxima moralia.
    Whatever that means, it was just for the rhyme!

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    Superheroes do wear their undies on the outside
    interviu cu Jim Lee (DC)
    A renuntat la medicina pentru a desena eroi care, din graba probabil pentru a salva omenirea, isi trag chilotii pe ei la urma…
    Niste simpatici, de-aia ne plac! 😀

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    Corectitudinea politica ar trebui sa duca la o schimbare la fata a supereroului din aceasta Black Tuesday! 8)

    WHITE House?! C’moon 😉

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